#1 – Configure Forecast Settings

After setting up Locations, follow these steps to set up the information to be included on all Forecasts, in the Executive Summary and on the Daily Planners. First Start by selecting Forecast Settings in the Settings menu (upper right corner). Select Location Now, select a location from the list. Setting up locations is covered here. Settings Triggers

#3 – Daily Planners

After setting up Locations and Forecast Settings, follow the steps in the video above to activate your Daily Planner. The Daily Planner is available with our Pro and Platinum services. What are Daily Planners? Our new Daily Planners are an improved and more detailed daily forecast. These planners include daily summaries, detailed hourly forecasts, contain warning triggers

#2 – Navigate in Executive Summary

After setting up Locations and Forecast Settings, follow these steps to view your Executive Summary. What is an Executive Summary? We’ve taken our threat matrix and compressed it so you can see all your assets in one place simultaneously. At a glance, you will quickly identify assets that may require focus in the following days.

5. Adding to Favorites

Let WeatherSentry remember your favorite and frequently visited screens.

When you create or change your Favorites, they’ll show up in My Favorites. Organize your favorite screens with folders to fit your operations and teams.

#4 – Create a Slideshow

Create a slideshow in WeatherSentry to run through your most important weather information on your monitor or in your operations room. Your Dashboard, Maps, Forecasts and Graphics can all be added to the slideshow. Add: Map While viewing the map, click Tools and then click Add to Slide Show: Name the Slide and the Slide Show you