Future Radar

We’ve updated our radar products in WeatherSentry. The color palette now begins at 1 dBZ and increases consistently and now in set blocks. The example to the right is a lake effect snow event showing much more clearly where snow is falling. Additionally, we’ve added future radar that can show a 90 minute forecast projection with 1km resolution in numerous regions of the world.

Daily Planners

Our new daily planners are an improved and more detailed daily forecast. They combine the visual threat matrix of the executive summary, and the detailed forecasts. These planners include daily summaries, detailed hourly forecasts, contain warning triggers to visually see times of threat and provide graphs of the forecasted weather conditions.


Previously only available through the RadarScope application, RadarScope layers are now available within WeatherSentry. We’ve added the capability of RadarScope data, to the map. RadarScope provides the raw data from the operational NEXRAD radar array in the United States, Australia and a few additional countries.

Executive Summary

Ever wanted to view a snapshot of the potential threats for all your assets in one place. We’ve added an Executive Summary that does exactly this. Quickly view a snapshot of all your assets and see which locations have impending severe weather. The settings are customizable as well, so you can color code the table to fit your operational needs.

WeatherSentry Introduction

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