Previously only available through the RadarScope application, RadarScope layers are now available within WeatherSentry. We’ve added the capability of RadarScope data, to the map. Enabling RadarScope Start by opening the WeatherSentry Map and locate the layers tab. Under Layers, at the top of the screen, select the Weather category. Enable the RadarScope layer. How to

OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution Setup and Troubleshooting

This page provides users of the OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution information on troubleshooting any issues as well as setting up alerts and quiet periods within WeatherSentry. Let’s start with troubleshooting: Alerts Not Activating OnGuard Check to see that the unit is powered on and has a steady power supply. A green light underneath the enclosure

WeatherSentry Smart Phone Alert Setup

If you’ve downloaded the new WeatherSentry app, congratulations! If you had already taken the wise steps to send push weather alerts to your smart phone from the WeatherSentry Classic app, you can keep those alerts flowing to your smart phone through the new WeatherSentry app in one of two ways: In the WeatherSentry app, for

Configuring Location Monitoring

After setting up Locations, follow these steps to set up Location Monitoring. First Start by selecting Location Monitoring in the Settings menu.  Select Monitor Then, select a monitor from the list. Popular monitors include: Lightning Manager Bulletin Monitor Wind Monitor Fill out any monitor-specific settings where required. Select Location Now, select all locations you want