This page provides users of the OnGuard Siren Alerting Solution information on troubleshooting any issues as well as setting up alerts and quiet periods within WeatherSentry.

Let’s start with troubleshooting:

Alerts Not Activating OnGuard
  1. Check to see that the unit is powered on and has a steady power supply. A green light underneath the enclosure case will indicate if there is power being supplied to the unit.
  2. Ensure that your WeatherSentry Account is set up to send alerts to this particular siren. The number is assigned to the serial number of the unit.
  3. Ensure that your WeatherSentry Online alert settings are set up to send the appropriate alert types and desirable lightning distances to the OnGuard siren.
  4. Are the alerts intermittent or delayed? There may be connectivity issues or damage to your cell modem, or issues with your ISP if utilizing ethernet.
Siren Horn(s) or Beacon Not Functioning Properly
  1. See “Alerts Not Activating OnGuard” for initial troubleshooting.
  2. Check to see that all wiring is clearly connected and connections are secure.
  3. If there is damage to a horn or the beacon, please locate the part number and notify our Customer Support team.
  4. The horns are preset to audible tones and volume. The beacons are preset to the colors and light intensity. These cannot be changed.
Problems with Hardware, Wiring, Mount or Other Components
  1. For optimal performance, please ensure to regularly perform a health check and clean the OnGuard siren alerting solution and keep the unit free of weeds, dirt, birds nests and spider webs.
  2. If there are any problems with the hardware or components that are not solvable by normal troubleshooting, please contact DTN Customer Support.

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If you run into any difficulty, do not hesitate to contact your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

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