WeatherSentry Map

The WeatherSentry interactive map is the foundation of DTN’s web-based decision support platform, overlaying current and forecast weather data on a global map that offers different views to support your weather-critical decisions. First Start by selecting the Map icon in the WeatherSentry menu. Layers Enable weather layers by checking the box next to the weather

Storm Impact Analytics (SIA)

Storm Impact Analytics (SIA) is a premium service that uses a machine learning-based approach to provide damage and outage incident predictions for WeatherSentry Utility customers. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information about SIA and SIA products.   Storm Impact Analytics Properly provisioned WeatherSentry customers can access Storm Impact Analytics by selecting it from

Daily Planners

After setting up Locations and Forecast Settings, follow these steps to view your Daily Planner. The Daily Planner is available with our Pro and Platinum services. What are Daily Planners? Our new Daily Planners are an improved and more detailed daily forecast. These planners include daily summaries, detailed hourly forecasts, contain warning triggers to visually see times of

Lightning Archive

A premium service is available to WeatherSentry customers that are sensitive to lightning through a self-service lightning archive capability.  Contact your DTN Sales Representative or Customer Success Manager for more details. Lightning Archive Properly provisioned WeatherSentry customers can self-generate historical lightning reports by selecting Lightning Archive from the History menu on the left side of


Previously only available through the RadarScope application, RadarScope layers are now available within WeatherSentry. We’ve added the capability of RadarScope data, to the map. Enabling RadarScope Start by opening the WeatherSentry Map and locate the layers tab. Under Layers, at the top of the screen, select the Weather category. Enable the RadarScope layer. How to

Navigate in Executive Summary

After setting up Locations and Forecast Settings, follow these steps to view your Executive Summary. What is an Executive Summary? We’ve taken our threat matrix and compressed it so you can see all your assets in one place simultaneously. At a glance, you will quickly identify assets that may require focus in the following days.

WeatherSentry SmartPhone

The WeatherSentry SmartPhone app provides powerful weather situational awareness wherever you go, ensuring that you have the same weather decision support information at all times. WeatherSentry SmartPhone is free to download from the App Store or Google Play: iOS Users Android Users Login Once you have the app installed on your mobile device, open up